At David Clout & Associates, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best possible solvency/insolvency solution for your situation. We are also committed to ensuring that the strategy we come up with to enable you to move forward is implemented as cost-effectively as possible.

As a result, we always make sure we come up with the most appropriate fee structure for a matter:

This can involve either:

  1. Time-based charging, or
  2. Fixed-fee options (for some matters).

Our process for determining how we will charge you

In order to determine the most appropriate fee structure for your matter, we undertake the following process:

Step 1: You call us to arrange your initial consultation.

Step 2: We find the facts.

When you come in for your consultation, we sit down and talk with you, so that we have a detailed picture of your situation.

Step 3: We analyse your situation.

We then analyse your situation from a number of perspectives.

Step 4: We come up with a solution to enable you to move forward.

We devise a strategy to move forward, which is tailored to your specific situation. In short, we specialise in bespoke solvency solutions.

Step 5: We advise you on the most appropriate fee structure for your matter.

Once we’ve come up with a strategy to move forward, we can let you know whether your matter is one that is more suited to time-based billing or whether we can offer you a fixed-fee option.


Are you or your company facing an uncertain financial future? David Clout leads a team of highly regarded experts in insolvency. They are experienced negotiators and strategic thinkers. David is a registered Liquidator and Bankruptcy Trustee, he is qualified to accept a range of insolvency appointments. Call +61 7 3129 3316 to arrange a consultation.