At David Clout & Associates, we are always looking for the right people to work with us. If you would like a career in insolvency accounting, or are looking to advance your career, and think you might be the perfect person for us, please do send us your CV. Even if we don’t have a vacancy now, something suitable might come up at any time. Often these things are a matter of the stars aligning at the right moment.

Who are we looking for?

You need to be able to think ‘outside the box’

We are looking for people who like to think ‘outside the box’, so your analytical abilities need to be finely tuned.

You need to be good with details and procedure

You also need to be good with details and procedure. Yes, you definitely need to like rules and be good at following them.

You need to like ‘project-based’ work

You should enjoy doing project-based work (which means that you are constantly moving between matters and industries). In short, if you like doing the same thing every day in a tranquil environment, then we probably aren’t the firm for you. In fact, you probably shouldn’t become an insolvency practitioner if you don’t like change and living at a fast pace.

You need to be good with people

Your communication skills should be strong because, even in the early stages of your career, you will have to talk to clients in a mature way. You need to be good with people, because our clients are often under a great deal of stress.

You need to like learning new things

You need to like learning new things because insolvency is an area where there are always new ways to look at problems. In addition, we spend a lot of time training our staff, and we don’t want to waste our time on people who aren’t interested in expanding their knowledge and developing as professionals.

You need to be the kind of person who stays calm in a storm

Things often get stressful in the insolvency world. We need you to remain calm and collected when things get bumpy.

You need to be able to think on your feet

You may also find yourself thrown in the deep end. Of course, as a graduate, you will be supervised by a senior or a manager, but you may be expected to think on your feet (without going on a mad frolic). So, if you don’t like showing initiative, we might not be the best place for you.

You need to be able to work in a team

Although you’ve probably read it a thousand times (and we hate to repeat it, because it’s a terrible cliché), you need to be great at working in a team because most of the work we do is team-based. So, if you prefer to work alone and do your own thing, then, once again, maybe we aren’t the right place for you.

In summary

If you are someone who:

then … we might just be the firm for you.

What is it like working at David Clout & Associates?

A lot of graduates in accounting firms find themselves working on large matters where they do the same thing for days, weeks, or even months, on end. They can also find themselves flung at matters simply because a body is needed to do the work, rather than being given tasks that help them to grow as professionals. Quite often, the partner who is running the matter will merely be a name on the client’s bill as far as the graduate is concerned.

Because David Clout & Associates is a boutique firm, life for graduates is bit different.

First, they work on a range of matters from day one.

Second, we give our graduates all sorts of different tasks to do, so they quickly get a sense of what being an insolvency practitioner is all about. In short, we want to make sure you are developing skills that will help you develop professionally. We don’t see anyone as merely a ‘body’ or a ‘resource’. Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll be running things from the moment you walk in the door; sometimes the work might even seem a bit dull. However, you will know that we are keeping your professional development in mind and will ensure you get experience in a variety of areas.

Third, while you might have to work hard, we encourage our people to have a sensible work–life balance.

Fourth, you may also find yourself working directly with the boss – David Clout. Yes, he is terribly busy but we guarantee he will know your name (because he would have interviewed you for the job), you’ll see him around the office (it isn’t large) and he’ll probably join us for a drink on Friday evenings.

So, if you think you fit our culture, email your CV, and a covering letter telling us why you want to work at David Clout & Associates, to

We are a small firm, we may not get back to you immediately. However, we do promise to respond to your application as soon as possible.